An eclectic mix of treasures for the modern bohemian

For the dancers, drifters and dreamers, the gypsies, wanderers and travellers, the mermaids, nomads and adventurers. Our bohemian inspired jewellery tells the tales of time gone by and contains the secrets and wisdom of the past.

For thousands of years ancient tribes from around the world have adorned their bodies with bones, feathers, shells, beads, metals and gems. Jewellery was worn to portray personal artistic views and to emphasise cultural tradition, for protection, personal symbology (such as luck and love) and to signify affiliations in ethnic, social or religious circles.

The Aztecs used Jade, Turquoise, Gold and feathers to convey nobility. The Ancient Egyptians used gold and other metals to symbolise power and religion. The Ancient Greeks wore gold twisted in to patterns, shells shaped as animals and beads worn for protection against the ‘Evil Eye’. Our Ancestors often adorned stones and crystals because of the mystical energy they were thought to possess.

The Tribe finds and creates pieces that reflect the beauty and history of cultures and tribes from around the world. Some items have been hand made and others have been gathered from distant travels.


Whether you are looking for pieces that symbolise something important to you, stones to help with healing or just beautiful statement jewellery, then take a look and join the Tribe!

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