Jade has been mined in China for thousands of years and was believed to be the stone of immorality. Emperors were buried in suits made of jade in the belief that it would preserve the body. Some referred to the stone as 'Crystallised Moonlight' believing that it had fallen from the highest tip of the holiest mountain.


The Mayans and Aztecs used jade for ornaments, jewellery and medicinal purposes. This commonly green stone is thought to provide a connection to the wisdom of ancient civilisations and offer shamanic access to spirit worlds.


Jade is linked to the 4th chakra (heart chakra) and relieves anxiety, brings emotional balance and boosts confidence.

Jade Necklace

  • Natural jade pendant on an 18" gold vermail rolo chain.


    *Please note that our stones are natural and will vary in size, shape and colour. Remove chain when washing to prevent the gold from tarnishing.